We’re invested in more than just real estate — we invest in people by supporting inclusivity and creativity. 

What We Do

Next-generation real estate means building community to empower change.

Real Estate

Rafi owns, develops, and manages commercial and residential properties in Greater Boston and Hong Kong. Our buildings are thoughtfully designed, creatively programmed, and planned from the start to enrich their communities. As a result, our properties are more than just assets – they’re hubs for people looking to innovate, gather, play, relax, and grow.


Rafi Investments is a global investment platform. We co-invest with real estate development partners and high net worth family offices to achieve their goals. We generate long-lasting value through creating environments and investing in companies that drive innovation and community.


We’re all about self-expression. Our assets are intentionally designed so you can ‘be you. At Rafi we strive to bring the best people, firms and partners to the table to execute complex projects with creativity, integrity and perseverance. We bring global thinking to local opportunity using thoughtful design and the purposeful curation of human interaction and technology.

Collin Yip


Baillie Yip


Collin Yip


IS an avid skier, rugby and tennis player, and a music enthusiast.

FLUENT in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.

LIVES in Boston with his two dogs.

Collin Yip is the managing partner and founder of Rafi Properties, a real estate investment, development and asset management firm with offices in Boston and Hong Kong. Collin has built a team and a portfolio of assets that are true to his principles and values: community, innovation, and authentic human interaction. Leveraging his understanding of real estate, venture capital, and education, Collin and his team have been creating environments with culture that enables entrepreneurs, enterprises and students to accelerate innovation and further their impact in working to solve some of the world’s biggest problems.

A strong advocate for STEAM education, Collin currently serves on the board of Boston University as well as other organizations such as Innovate@BU and Somerbot dedicated to expanding the entrepreneurial ecosystem and learning. As a vocal advocate for climate change and green tech, Collin is also a board member of the Northeast Clean Energy Council.

Our Partners

Our partnerships and collaborations power everything we do. We start by listening to the needs of the community, and then team up with talented, passionate people who share our vision and our dedication to making an impact. This approach lets us work flexibly across hierarchies, assembling the ideal team for every project.

Design and Construction

We start every project by assembling a team of collaborators from our diverse network of architects, urban planners, native plant consultants, creatives, and neighborhood advocates.

Art, Music, Food, and Wellness

We partner with local artists, musicians, businesses, and cultural groups to offer fun, interactive programming that’s accessible to all. 

Non Profit and Traditions

We support nonprofit organizations dedicated to critical issues like education and climate change, and make design choices that promote a more inclusive and sustainable future.

Research & Development

With our understanding of real estate and venture capital, we know what startups and founders need. We create unique spaces for our tenants and inspire future generations through projects and initiatives that educate and empower our youth.

“We’re big into self-expression. Our properties are designed for you to be yourself (or find yourself).”
Elise Naughton

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